COLONIAL ECHOES - Tinta da China


Colonial Echoes is the result of a collaborative research exercise about Lisbon’s historical and cultural heritage, questioned from the point of view of its multiple intersections with Portuguese colonial and imperial history. Together, the photographer and authors (academics, activists, museologists and journalists) reflect about a diverse range of spaces, actors, institutions and symbols which, among many other possible and relevant angles, reveal the plurality of contemporary reverberations of imperial and colonial histories in Lisbon (also including examples from other locations).

This volume contributes, in an original and informed way, to the debates about the (post-)imperial and colonial pasts and presents of Portuguese society, as well as about the history(ies) and memory(ies) associated with them.

Edited by: Ana Guardião, Miguel Bandeira Jerónimo, Paulo Peixoto
Photographs by:
Pedro Medeiros
Texts by:
Ana Alcântara, Ana Guardião, Cátia Antunes, Cláudia Castelo, Cristiana Tejo, Cristiano Gianolla, Cristina Roldão, Diogo Ramada Curto, Frederico Ágoas, Giuseppina Raggi, Joana Gorjão Henriques, Jorge Pedreira, José Lino Neves, José Miguel Ferreira, José Pedro Monteiro, Lorena Sancho Querol, Márcia Chuva, Miguel Bandeira Jerónimo, Nuno Domingos, Paulo Peixoto, Ricardo Roque, Sílvia Correia, Telma Tvon, Teresa Matos Pereira